Thursday, 21 June 2012

Calico Gardens Workshop

Our Calico Gardens
 Denise Hibbert, a member of Airedale Branch, gave us a workshop on Calico Gardens.  There were 12 members of the branch at the workshop and some wonderful work was produced.  Calico Gardens are worked on calico using natural coloured threads and trims. One or two did go away from the "natural" route, but the work was very wonderful. It really opened our eyes to what various trims could turn into and how you can use threads.  So much was learnt by the attendees. Hopefully I will be able to upload some photos from the workshop.   Denise is a very skilled needlewoman and under her tuition even I produced work that I will be happy to show, of course it isn't finished yet... but it will be shortly.  Over the past couple of weeks attendees at the workshop have been bring their completed work into Branch meetings, all so different and so skilled.  Well, I did upload the photos, but they are all over the place!

First ones are "the girls" at work, followed by examples that Denise brought along to inspire us.

Our thanks go to Denise for a interesting and inspiring workshop!  Andrea

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